Algorithm Contests

At the age of eleven, barely out of primary school, I set off for the journey of coding contests. After five years of intense training in secondary school, I became a member on the national training team for the International Olympiad in Informatics. I created a blog ( to record my learning process during that time (though it was shut down because of the issue of domain). All materials on my blog was about the tournament, including discussions of the programming problems and some stories with my friends in this field. It was such a happy time. 

Usually, my ID is "hupo001", with nickname "Amber", which can be found on various online programming training sites such as SGU, and Timus. If you have any questions on these two problemsets, feel free to contact me.

In addition, I wrote a thesis Applications of Minimum Cut Model in Informatics to analyze how to apply minimum cut to solve the problems. I would be delighted if this could help you.  

After entering the university, I attended ACM/ICPC simply out of interest. In the first year, Mu YANG, Yuqian LI and me formed a team called "THU Trip" (means Tourists from Tsinghua). By winning the regional contest in Chengdu and Beijing, the team finally got two gold medals. In the second year (2008), I built up a team called "What's up?", looking forward to rocking the Harbin arena with Yan GU and my best buddy Zhe YANG. Again, we championed. Strolling down the memory lane of contests is always a pleasure for me.

  • Google Code Jam, Finalist, 2008
  • ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest, Harbin, China – Champion, 2008
  • ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest, Beijing, China - Gold Medal, 2007
  • ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest, Chengdu, China - Gold medal, 2007
  • Topcoder Highschool, Purdue University, Finalist, 2007
  • National Olympiad in Informatics, Sichuan, China - Silver medal, 2006