I'm Botao Hu, a.k.a. Amber.
I'm a future reality computing creative, new media art producer,
and founder of @ambergarage.com based in Silicon Valley.

I'm currently interested in future reality computing including
robotics algorithm (localization) / augmented + virtual reality
/ real-time computer graphics / robotic cinematography

Before changing my career to new media, I was working at
@google.com as a software engineer intern
@microsoft.com as a machine learning research intern
@cse.ust.hk as a machine learning visiting research intern
@pinterest.com as a machine learning engineer
@twitter.com as a recommendation system engineer
@dji.com as a software roboticist
@thatgamecompany.com as a game developper

I graduated from
@cs.stanford.edu as a graduate focus on artificial intelligence
@itcs.tsinghua.edu.cn as a 'Yao'-class undergraduate

I'm available for
collaborating on your new media art + tech projects

Contact me

[email protected]

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